Let’s talk Botox

Intro to Botox

Let’s talk Botox! I know, I KNOW, everyone talks about Botox. But there’s a reason why; it’s effective, affordable, and can meet a range of needs. Now, we’re not just going to talk about benefits of Botox (obviously we’re going to talk benefits), but we’re also going to talk about the WHEN.


I was lucky enough to work with the kid that danced on tour with Madonna on the “Who’s that Girl” tour some odd years ago. At the time, he was in his late 30’s. He looked early 20’s. He would tell us his secret was he started using eye cream in his early 20’s. Personally, I get told how my Asian genes keep me looking young. To some extent, yes, genetics, but to a great extent, Asian culture teaches us to care for our skin starting at a much younger age. My mother wouldn’t let me wear makeup when other girls started because she didn’t want me to ruin my skin!

As a result, I’m a big advocate for preventive skin-care and procedures. Because let’s face it; it’s much easier to prevent something then fix it after the fact. So let’s take this into consideration when considering why and when we start looking at procedures like Botox.

It doesn’t erase wrinkles.

Yup, that’s right! Botox, a popular solution for treating fine lines and wrinkles, doesn’t actually erase them. Botox works by weakening/paralyzing muscles or blocking certain nerves. Basically, you’re freezing or preserving your current face. It helps with the appearance of wrinkles caused by facial expressions. So yes, it will still make you look younger, but it can also help you maintain your youth.

Botox is temporary

For many common areas (brow, eyes, etc.), Botox only lasts a few months. So it’s good to think of Botox as a maintenance procedure VS a long-term cosmetic procedure that is going to be a permanent solution to your aging.

It can help with excessive sweating

Indeed, you can have this procedure done on your armpits, feet, or hands to help reduce excessive sweating. Botox helps as a shield to your sweat glands preventing excessive and unpredictable sweating. 

Helps with migraines

Luckily, I don’t experience migraines, but I know plenty of people who do. I’ve seen a friend or four spend a day in bed nauseated from the intensity of a migraine. Does it get rid of the migraine completely, no, but it does help with light sensitivity and nausea. 

Botox can help with quite a few medical issues

  • Botox can help with quite a few medical issues
    1. Overactive bladder.
    2. Crossed eyes (strabismus).
    3. Eyelid twitching (blepharospasm).
    4. Muscle spasms in the neck (cervical dystonia, which may be treated with Myobloc, botulinum toxin type B).
    5. Multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms, like limb spasticity.
    6. Drooling or excessive salivation (for adults with chronic sialorrhea).

Botox is affordable

At around $10-$15 a unit, you’re probably looking at a couple of hundred a session depending on what you’re targeting and how much you need. Be sure to ask how many units you’re receiving, this can help you tailor and adjust your needs in the future.


With the benefits that range outside of aging, there are plenty of reasons to start looking to add Botox to your preventative aging routine. There’s no magic number for when you start a Botox routine. I know plenty of men and women in their 20’s that already have (or started in their 20’s and still look like they’re in their 20’s). So let’s break the negative stigma and start talking about the benefits with friends. Personal maintenance is just as important to maintain as to say home maintenance. You don’t just wait till something breaks; you take action to prevent mishaps. Assess your personal goals and make a plan.

As always, be sure to vet your practitioner and talk to folks in your area about their experiences. You shouldn’t walk out feeling like a frozen plastic doll, but a confident and smooth version of yourself. 

If you have any questions or would like help finding a practitioner, we’re happy to help. Please click the free consultation link at the top of the page. Don’t forget to share and tag us on social media!

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