Alar Base Reduction in Korea

Nose plays an important part in your overall appearance as it’s in the center of your face. Koreans prefer narrow sharp nose as oppose to having a large and bulbous nose tip. Therefore Alar Base Reduction (also called alar reduction or alarplasty) has become a popular surgery in Korea among patients who have thick nose alar. More and more people opt for alar reduction in Korea every year so Korea has lots of patients data with experienced surgeons. Alar Reduction basically changes the shape of the nose by reducing the width of the nostrils. It creates smaller alars and nostrils, making nose line elegant and slim.

So Who Should Consider Alar Reduction?

  • If your nose tip is wide and bulbous
  • If your alar looks fat
  • If your nose doesn’t look defined
  • If you have an arrowhead nose
  • If your nose tip appears flared

What’s The Procedure Like Generally?

People usually choose to do alar reduction when they decided to do rhinoplasty, but also there are some people who are already satisfied with their nose bridge will consider only alar reduction itself. The steps for alarplasty are similar to the steps for rhinoplasty. The difference is that alarplasty is less invasive. Therefore local anesthesia is used and the surgery time is short, typically under half an hour. You can be discharged on the same day and you have to come back after a week to remove the stitches. You can go back to your regular routine just after 3-4 days.

Steps of the actual procedure

Firstly, your surgeon will discuss results with you at length. They may also mark your nose with a pen so that you can visualize the incision, probably go over this process with 3D model or photoshop modifying depending on the clinic. Then on the surgery day, you’ll be put into local anesthesia but it could be general anesthesia depending on your surgeon’s recommendation. After that, your surgeon will make an incision and carve out the small shape of your nose that you wish to have removed. After the incision is made, sutures will be made to reinforce the new shape of the alar base. Your wound will be covered with a bandage, and you may be given pain killer and other medications to prevent infection. You’ll have to wear a bandage for several days after the procedure.

Is There Going To Be Scar After Alar Reduction?

Recovery time for an alarplasty is relatively quick compared to other facial surgeries. Your nose will be red and swollen initially, but this should recede in 1 to 2 weeks. Stitches will typically be removed 1 week after surgery. Full recovery takes between 1 and 3 months. It will leave a nearly imperceptible scar if the incision is placed in the appropriate location. Also there are “Excision” and “Excision and tying” two surgical methods for alar reduction, the scar is different according to the method. There is also an interesting article about alar reduction scars if you want to learn more about the scars.

Alar Reduction Cost in Korea

General price guide line for Korean alar reduction starts from USD$1,000. Some clinic gives a discount if this is an added option of a traditional rhinoplasty. Alar reduction is generally much cheaper than a rhinoplasty because it’s a less involved procedure. However, the price is decided depending on the method and difficulty of patients’ case. Korea is a good place to get this procedure done since there are many clinics just in one specific area of Gangnam where lots of forums and data have accumulated over the years not to mention there are lots of before and after pictures.

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