2021 Cosmetic Surgery Trends

2020 has changed the landscape of how we interact with others, travel, and see ourselves. Culture around the world has moved into an “on-camera” norm and less in-person activities. With this move and the war on COVID19 still raging, this landscape for cosmetic procedures is also changing. Here are some of the cosmetic surgery trends we think you’ll see in 2021.

Preventative Aging

2020 brought lifestyle choices about skincare and health to the forefront. Coupling this with a new norm of being on screen daily whether it be for meetings or social media, you can expect folks to take a great desire in how their face appears in 2021. 

Be prepared to see more preventative aging such as Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers. The top two non-surgical procedures aren’t going anywhere in 2021. We suspect you’ll start seeing more folks in their 20’s picking up the procedures to help prevent aging.

Along with these, expect to see more laser resurfacing. People are starting to take note of not only what is in their skincare products, but how to use those ingredients and what results they bring. That’s only so far. You’ll start to see more folks looking to fractal laser resurfacing to get rid of old acne scars and give a more even tone overall.

Medical Tourism

With the world still on lockdown and COVID19 having another go, medical tourism is falling in popularity. Many just don’t have the time and money to quarantine in the country for a procedure. Others are worried about the health concerns around flying and COVID in general and are choosing to stay local. 

Even so, Korea remains one of the safest countries in the world. With the government requiring all inbound travelers to produce a negative test taken no less than 72 hours before arrival, on top of that, a 2 week mandatory quarantine. 

Korea also still remains one of the leaders of plastic surgery globally, with its high tech ability and affordable medical care. Also, recently due to the phenomenal rise in Korean culture exports like: K-Pop, K-Drama and Korean film, Korea has been setting trends in the cosmetic surgery industry.

Weight-Loss Procedures

Not everyone spent quarantine getting absolutely ripped, myself included. Without being able to be as active outside the home, you may expect to see folks looking to jump start their weight loss and get back into a healthy lifestyle later in the year as the vaccine rolls out.

Helping people jump start that loss, expect to see liposuction stay high on the list of trends in 2021. Liposuction generally holds a place in the top 5 procedures year after year. 2021 won’t be any different. You may also see less invasive procedures that aid in weight loss like cool sculpting on the rise later this year.

Hair Transplants

Again, with the face appearance and preventative aging being at the forefront of many minds, hair transplants will be on the rise. A growing trend of acceptance among men receiving cosmetic procedures will help push this trend in 2021.

These are a few of our cosmetic surgery trend predictions for what we’ll see in the PS world for 2021. 2020 changed the landscape and what to expect in the years to come. But, we think some classics will remain staples for cosmetic procedures. What procedures do you think we’ll see more of in 2021?