How Many Days Should I Travel For Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty in Korea is popular because of the price and quality as it’s the mecca. Also, almost 60% of medical tourism in Korea is that patients come for rhinoplasty. We have so many inquiries from patients abroad asking

  • “How long is rhinoplasty recovery time?”
  • “How long should I stay in South Korea if I want to do rhinoplasty”
  • “Is rhinoplasty recovery painful?”

Surgeons in Seoul deliver the best outcome as they offer the most advanced state-of-the art equipment and techniques. Once you have decided to travel to Korea for rhinoplasty, it’s important you plan ahead and consider several factors. Let’s go over what you need to know prior to traveling abroad so you could prepare well enough.

How long should I stay for a Rhinoplasty?

Usually, surgeons recommend staying at least one week after rhinoplasty. With a general procedure, swelling goes down after 7-10 days, lasting up to 6 months depending on the case like cutting the bone. Flying won’t help with swelling, it may only make it worse, even may cause another long-term swelling. Without a proper taking care process, scar issue can also impact satisfaction of the whole plastic surgery in Korea. So even doctors recommend a minimum of 7-day stay, it is recommended staying until at least swelling goes down until completely safe which usually takes 1-3 weeks varies from patient. So please communicate with the surgeon and follow the advice for the best result.

Is There Any Advice On Flying After Surgery?

If you fly to foreign country for the surgery so that you have to take a flight to go back home, here are some advice you might want to know before flying.

  • Prepare nasal decongestant like Benadryl before taking off.
  • Prepare a saline nasal spray with you to help adjustment to pressure changes.

Please don’t forget to consult with your surgeon about what sort of nasal decongestant or spray you need to prepare. However, even with these preparation, it’s common that swelling can be increased which might last for days. So if it’s possible, please don’t rush on the flights until at least couple of weeks after the surgery.

Final Thought

If you live close to Korea, you could take the opportunity to travel here and set your schedule well ahead of time. Make sure that your trip is at least one week period as the rhinoplasty recovery time. Korea offers wide variety of selections and clinics in Gangnam Area. Since most of the top clinics are in one specific area, it’s convenient for the patient to visit several clinics prior to making the decision if desired. Also your hotel better to be in Gangnam so you don’t have to travel too far from the clinic as you may need multiple visits. A lot of patients come to Korea for rhinoplasty because it’s also a great place to go shopping afterwards. Shin Medical can help you set up the entire schedule and find the best suited clinic for rhinoplasty, or offering simply translation service. As it’s tough for foreigners to find the right clinic that would stand by your side.