Facial rejuvenation for first timers

We all want to look younger but we dread the discomfort and pain that it might require to look younger. Luckily you donโ€™t have to suffer through excruciating pain to look beautiful anymore. Here are a few facial rejuvenation options that involve less pain and terrific results.

Thread lift

Thread lifting is the perfect mid-range anti-aging procedure for people looking to shave off a few years from their appearance.   

This is the process whereby a surgeon suspends the skin around the face with invisible sutures. Temporary, invisible sutures are placed underneath the skin around the cheek area. These threads help to pull back the skin, and hold it in place until the skin has healed around it. 

A thread lift is ideal for anybody in their late thirties upwards, whose skin has started to show mild sign of aging and skin laxity. It should be noted that a thread lift will provide a small amount of lift and is more suited for a natural looking result. 


elderly woman wrinkles face before and after procedures

Now we take a look at, the mini facelift. Mini facelift is another sure fire way to restore some lost youthfulness to a weathered face.

 A mini facelift, or just minilift, is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that helps restore youth to tired and ageing faces without too much cutting. A mini lift is performed by making shorter incisions above and below the ear in the natural crease of the hairline, forming an S-line. Tissue around the cheeks and jaw is reshaped and excess fat is removed. 

As with a traditional facelift the surgeon might use glue or dissolvable sutures, which means it is not necessary to have them removed. In some cases normal stitches are used that need to be removed.


The most permanent solution to saggy, dark circles that make us look old and tired, is lower blepharoplasty.

The skin under the eye is incised around 3mm below the lashes. Thereafter, fat and excess skin is then removed or repositioned to give the eye a more rounded, even look. So, the incision is then sutured along the fold of the eye making any scarring unnoticeable.

A blepharoplasty does not require stitches to be removed as they dissolve over a few weeks, after which you can return to normal. Easy and simple facial rejuvenation.

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