Rhinoplasty with Silicon vs Gore-Tex

When considering nose job (rhinoplasty), you have two main options as what you want to use as a material. Let’s go over what they are, and what are the pros and cons.

What Is A Silicon Implant?

For the rhinoplasty, silicon is the most popular implant material. Because of the reason that there is low possibilities of side effect and small incisions needed, patients love it. Because material is easy to insert and adjust, for better performance, surgeons love it too. Silicon is also considered as a material that easy to remove facing unexpected situation. It is popular for a long time since compare to all those advantages, the result is usually a beautiful noticeable lift too.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Silicon

It’s been around for many years and it’s been tested and proven. There are reasons why it’s still popular like mentioned above. Especially compared to the other material gore-tex, silicon has advantage of flexibility, which directly is related to the result since it’s easy to make the shape.

However, there are pros and cons. Some patients don’t like it saying it’s unnatural, especially worrying about visibility under skin. Another drawback makes patient hesitate is infection after surgery.

What Is a Gore-Tex Implant?

The clinical history of gore-tex is not as long as silicon. But gore-tex is getting more and more popular among plastic surgery field in Korea. Usually result is more natural, the lift on the bridge is not significantly noticeable like silicon. Also the material integrates with our own nasal tissues inside which not only gives a natural look but also very hard to remove even with a revision surgery.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gore-Tex

One of the biggest advantages of gore-tex material is that they don’t look like artificially lifted bridge, very natural on the nose. Like the mentioning above, because the material integrates with our tissue. Gore-tex can withstand higher temperatures than silicon. Which means people who live in warm countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Middle East are better go with the gore-tex. When gore-tex integrates with our nasal tissue after surgery, it settles firmly compare to silicon, doesn’t move that much. Another advantage is that surgery takes shorter time.

One very obvious disadvantage of the gore-tex implants is that it is more pricey, also has the possibilities of infection like silicon which is also a reason why patients are hesitate about. After material merges with nasal tissue, it’s hard to remove even infection occurs. As time goes by, there is also a possibility of gore-tex to shrink which makes some patients want a second surgery to fix.

Final thought

As you have read, they both have pros and cons. There’s no one-style-fits-all when it comes to plastic surgery as everyone has different goals and desires. So the best option is to write down possible questions you might have and visit a specialist and consult with the doctor. Shin Medical can also help you find the best for you, with their field experience and know-how, if you reach out to them. If you want to learn more about Rhinoplasty, click the link below and find out at this page. https://www.shinmedical.com/procedure/rhinoplasty/