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Korea’s Personal Medical Assistant

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Shin Medical is committed to guiding you towards the perfect treatment plan, clinics, and doctors tailored to your needs. With the largest licensed medical tourism service provider in Korea, you can experience the seamless integration of top-notch Korean medical expertise and patient care.

Shin Medical

How It Works

1 – Online Consultation

Our team evaluates your case with you and recommends the most suitable procedure type, recovery time, pricing, and Korean clinic details.

2 – Treatment

We support your entire procedure process and make post-operative care arrangements. We also provide in-clinic translation to solve language barriers.

3 – Return Home

We help you get back to your accommodation once your doctor approves your release. You can enjoy the rest of your trip and return home safely.

Shin Medical

Our Satisfied Patients

Shin Medical


We are experts at finding the best medical professionals for liposuction, dermal fillers, aesthetic facial treatments, veneers, hair transplants, health check-ups, and much more.

We offer the following concierge services!

Contact us through our consultation form and get a free online consultation. Your consultation will include: the most suitable procedure types to address your concerns, pricing details, and recommended stay period according to recovery time.

Once you like the treatment plan, we will assist with confirming the reservation in the clinics, typically includes securing procedure pricing and schedules by paying deposit, we follow the clinic’s deposit policies.

We provide professional bilingual translators to assist all the way through, in and out of the hospital. Our bilingual staff will assist you while you are in Korea.

We offer assistance in arranging airport pick-up and drop-off.

We cover your primary medicine costs, up to 100,000KRW for qualifying patients.

We provide 24 hours assistance through messenger and phone call during your visit.

We provide the same price clinics provide directly to patients, moreover we often negotiate discounts, free after-care treatments, and other benefits.

We find any kind of medical institution offering a wide range of medical procedures, including but not limited to the following:

Shin Medical

Why Choose Shin Medical

We simplify and streamline your medical journey, ensuring you receive expert care without the hassle. With Shin Medical, you can trust you will find the best treatment options, professional clinics, and experienced doctors: all with clear communication and transparent pricing.

With Shin Medical

Transparent: Treatment pricing is provided from your doctor to you with no extra costs.

Convenient: All logistics are organized for you, from consultation to post-op.

Safe: Our decades of industry experience and expertise ensures you have the most-experienced doctors and clinics at your fingertips.

Trustworthy: With your dedicated bilingual team facilitating communication between you and your doctor, you can rest easy knowing you are informed and your needs are understood.

Research on Your Own

Costly: Without experience, patients risk hidden fees and inconsistent pricing across clinics.

Time-consuming: Solo planning can require extensive personal research and arrangements, especially due to limited information in foreign languages.

Risky: For those researching on their own, information available online is frequently inaccurate and overwhelming.

Unreliable: Most clinics focus on Korean speaking patients, this often results in inaccurate communication with clinic staff for international patients.

Clinics also benefit from working with us!

Benefits: Working with Shin Medical, clinics know their international patients are well-informed and comfortable through stay in Korea. This allows clinics to concentrate on delivering high-quality medical services, saving both time and costs.

While some concierge services offer numerous options, we focus on delivering the best clinics, hand-picked by our experienced team. Unlike others agencies who may ignore you after the initial referral, we provide end-to-end care from consultation to post-operative support. We prioritize your well-being and results, offering exact quotes from clinics and often securing additional discounts. With Shin Medical, you receive a seamless, supportive, and high-quality medical experience tailored to your needs.


  • Huge Time Saving
  • Certified and Experienced Doctors and Clinics
  • Dedicated Bilingual Team
  • Free Medical Tourism Service
  • Thousands of Happy Patients
Shin Medical

About Us

Shin Medical was founded by former patients who experienced firsthand the challenges of seeking medical treatment in Korea. We understand the frustration of navigating through the overwhelming and often contradictory information online, and the abundance of clinics with varying levels of expertise.

Obstacles we faced while self-researching:

Information Overload

Too much online information, often conflicting. Different clinics offer varying prices for the same treatments.

Too Many Clinics

With over 1,000 clinics in one district, finding experienced, reliable doctors was daunting.

Language Barriers

90% of the time, clinics do not have English-speaking staff to communicate important medical information.

We learned from our experience and decided to build a company focused on solving difficulties felt by all international patients!

Shin Medical

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Shin Medical

Frequently Asked Questions

Shin Medical is free for patients because the clinics cover the costs of our services, like patient communication, travel and accommodation support.

We remove the complexities of managing international patients for clinics, making their operations easier and smoother. Clinics pay for our services because we handle patient communication, travel and accommodation assistance, and care for each patient outside of the clinic, overcoming language and cultural barriers in Korea. This allows clinics to focus on providing high-quality medical services for patients like you.

Yes, we do. Shin Medical specializes in supporting all medical procedures. Try our free consultation service to get started.

We provide comprehensive support even after your treatment. If you experience any complications, we will facilitate communication with the clinic to ensure you receive prompt and appropriate follow-up care. Our team will assist in arranging any necessary appointments and help bridge any language or cultural gaps, ensuring you get the support you need during your recovery.

Our thorough process of selecting partner clinics is based in-part on the following following criteria:

  • Government Licensing: both clinic and doctors
  • Clinic Safety Features
  • Previous Patient Reviews
  • Industry Reputation
  • Doctor Experience
  • International Patient Treatment Quality

We follow the clinic’s payment and cancellation policies. Typically, clinics in South Korea require a 10% deposit to secure the doctor’s schedule, confirm your procedure’s booking, and lock in the price. If a deposit is not received, Shin Medical cannot guarantee your desired procedure date or price. The remaining balance after deposit will be settled in South Korea on the day of your procedure.

For your deposit: Deposit is paid to secure the procedure slot in the clinic, so we follow each clinic’s policies for deposits. Typically, clinics accept international bank transfers or PayPal. Some clinics also provide credit card payment options. If a clinic does not offer international payment methods, Shin Medical can assist with PayPal payments and help you complete the transaction to the clinic.

For your full payment: Full payment can be made in cash or by credit card upon arrival at the clinic. Payment usually needs to be finalized before starting the procedures. Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, and UnionPay are widely accepted at clinics, though not all clinics accept every card type. 

Note: It is crucial to check your international payment limit before traveling. Inform your bank that you will be making large transactions abroad to avoid declines. Failure to notify your bank could result in payment refusals, preventing your procedure from taking place as scheduled. You will be responsible for any banking fees associated with transfers and PayPal payments.

Shin Medical

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