From Plastic Surgery to 4am Care, My Unforgettable Experience with Shin Medical

Hello everyone! My name is D***, and I recently embarked on a transformative journey to South Korea for face contouring and face lift procedures. In this blog, I’ll share my experiences, provide insights into the procedures, and explain why I chose Shin Medical as my preferred medical tourism service.

Why V-Line Revision, Full Face Fat Graft and Rhinoplasty?

At 55, I felt it was time to regain some of my youthful appearance. Although I often received compliments on how I didn’t look my age, I still wanted to refresh and rejuvenate my face, making me feel even more confident. The idea of having a more defined contour along with tightening the loose skin truly appealed to me.

V-Line Revision: This surgery targets the lower jaw and chin, refining the jawline for a more delicate and youthful appearance. Initially, I considered non-surgical options like fillers or Botox, but ultimately decided that a more permanent and dramatic result could only be achieved through surgery.

Rhino Revision with Osteotomy: Having had previous rhinoplasty, I was dissatisfied with the results and sought out a revision. An osteotomy involves the surgical breaking of the bone to reshape the nose. My consideration here was between undergoing another traditional rhinoplasty or opting for a less invasive filler injection. However, given my desires for structural changes and long-term satisfaction, I chose the revision surgery with osteotomy.

Full Face Fat Graft: This procedure involves transferring fat from one part of the body to the face to restore lost volume and achieve a rejuvenated look. Compared to synthetic fillers, fat grafting provides a more natural appearance and reduces the risk of allergic reactions. While fillers were a potential alternative, I chose fat grafting for its longevity and natural results.

Shin Medical Review

To everyone interested in going to South Korea for plastic surgery or other services, it’s crucial to do your homework. Choosing the right medical tourism company to support you every step of the way is important.

After speaking with several medical tourism companies, my friend and I decided on Shin Medical. Their services, professionalism, and quick response time stood out. They speak English and have translators for Thai, Vietnamese, and other languages. Their 24/7 service was incredibly reassuring; no matter the time difference, someone was always there to answer our calls.

My first point of contact was Justin, who resides in South Korea. We communicated via email, and I sent him photos and a list of our interests. Justin answered all my questions and concerns and provided essential information about traveling to South Korea, including pandemic-related guidelines and quarantine processes.

Based on our interests, Justin recommended the V**** Plastic Surgery Clinic, renowned for safety, excellent results, and high-quality services. They have in-house coordinators who speak fluent English. Shin Medical provides their services for free, compensated by the clinic, and Justin negotiated a price that was acceptable to us. I appreciated having a clear understanding of costs, eliminating any surprises.

For anyone serious about getting surgery in South Korea, I urge you to reach out to Shin Medical. Express why you want the surgery, provide photos, and list your interests. Justin will liaise with the clinic to get you a price, which is negotiable. If the price seems too high, address it upfront, and Justin will do his best to renegotiate.

From the day we booked our flight, we stayed in constant contact with Shin Medical’s staff. We were quarantined for 10 days at a government building upon arrival. Make sure your phone is set for international roaming and ready to install the necessary quarantine apps as soon as you land and go through customs. Shin Medical arranged for a pickup on the day we were released from quarantine.

Upon our release, a kind gentleman in a van waited for us, holding a sign with our names. Kelvin met us early in the morning, and Justin soon joined us to guide us through our consultations, paperwork, and payment, scheduling the surgery for the following morning.

I wanted to regain my youth at 55, so I opted for multiple procedures. The post-surgery period was challenging. Kelvin was a lifesaver, coming to the hospital in the middle of the night to check on me. When he went home, he sent Damian to stay with me. Despite the discomfort and inability to talk due to bandages and drainage tubes, Damian comforted me.

I was a difficult patient, constantly communicating via my phone. Still, the team’s dedication was beyond my expectations. The first 2 to 3 days post-surgery were the toughest, but Kelvin and others’ support made it bearable.

Shin Medical and V**** Plastic Surgery Clinic’s coordinators, Judy, Amanda, and Jasmine, were incredible. They accompanied us to multiple follow-up appointments, translating and assisting us throughout. Kelvin also helped with food orders, ensuring we were comfortable and well-fed.

Kelvin and everyone at Shin Medical made us feel like family. Their commitment, honesty, and care were truly appreciated. After some recovery and a bit of fun shopping and dining, we were ready to return home.

Thank you, Shin Medical, for making this journey possible!

Why Shin Medical?

Why I Recommend Shin Medical:

Reflecting on my journey with Shin Medical, there are several personal experiences and reasons why I wholeheartedly recommend them:

  • Professionalism: From day one, the Shin Medical team impressed me with their professional approach and interactions. They were always respectful, knowledgeable, and attentive to my needs.
  • 24/7 Availability: Regardless of the time difference, someone was always available to answer my calls and address my concerns. This even included late-night assistance and support during critical times, which was incredibly reassuring.
  • Personalized Communication: Each team member was well-versed in the details of my case. Their personalized responses made me feel valued and understood, which was so comforting during a time that could have been very stressful.
  • Language Support: Communication was never a barrier, thanks to their translation services in multiple languages, including Thai, Vietnamese, and English. This made me feel confident and secure in all my interactions.
  • Negotiated Pricing: Shin Medical negotiated the best possible price for my procedures at the V**** clinic. The transparency in their financial dealings meant there were no surprises, which greatly eased my mind.
  • Post-Surgery Care: The post-surgery support was exceptional. Team members even stayed overnight at the hospital and checked in constantly to ensure my comfort and well-being. Their dedication was truly beyond my expectations.
  • Food and Comfort: They went above and beyond by helping with daily needs, including food orders and other necessities. This greatly enhanced my comfort during the recovery period.
  • Emotional Support: Perhaps most importantly, the emotional support from Shin Medical felt genuine. Their friendly and compassionate attitude made me feel like part of their family, which played a significant role in my recovery.
  • End-to-End Assistance: From the moment I booked my flights to the day of my departure, Shin Medical was there to assist with every step. Their end-to-end support ensured my entire experience was hassle-free and supportive.

These benefits collectively made my medical tourism experience with Shin Medical overwhelmingly positive, and I highly recommend their services to anyone considering a similar journey.

Clinic Review

From the moment I walked into V**** Clinic, I was struck by the professionalism and care displayed by the staff. Everyone, from the receptionists to the surgeons, made me feel comfortable and understood.

V**** Clinic puts a strong emphasis on safety. They operate a 19-floor facility equipped with general hospital-grade safety equipment. This assurance of safety was a significant factor in my decision to undergo procedures there. Their aftercare services are commendable. V**** offers a range of resources and support to ensure patients recover smoothly. From follow-up appointments to personalized care plans, they made sure I was well taken care of post-surgery.

The clinic utilizes high-level medical technology recognized worldwide. This not only ensures optimal surgical outcomes but also enhances the overall patient experience. The V**** Clinic building is equipped with all the amenities you could need, making the entire process—from consultation to recovery—as comfortable as possible. The patient wards and VIP rooms are designed to provide a restful and luxurious environment.

I underwent facial contouring and a facelift at V**** Clinic, and I was impressed by the variety of procedures they offer. Their specialties include everything from breast surgery and rhinoplasty to skin treatments and anti-aging solutions.

The medical staff at V**** are exceptionally skilled and experienced. They have been selected for their expertise and dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes. My surgeon took the time to explain every detail and made sure I was comfortable and informed throughout the process.

For legal reasons, the clinic name is blurred as in Korea, medical tourism agencies are not permitted to publicly promote clinics.


Reflecting on my journey with Shin Medical, I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Their unwavering commitment to professionalism, safety, and patient care made the entire process—from initial consultation to post-surgery recovery—smooth and reassuring. The personalized care and attention to detail provided by the medical staff and coordinators were truly beyond expectations.

Going into surgery can be an overwhelming experience, but the team at Shin Medical made me feel like I was in the best hands possible. They not only catered to my medical needs but also provided emotional support that was crucial during my recovery.

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