Why Korea?

Patients world-wide choose Korea as their medical tourism destination, this is why.

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It is well known that Korea has one of the most challenging and competitive education systems in the world. Over and above that only the best and brightest students make it to the medical profession, most of whom go on to become members of an American medical board. In Korea, nearly every doctor is specialized due to government regulations meaning above average care compared to other first world countries.

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Korean tech giants like Samsung and LG are global household names, famous for their technological advances. These technical advances extend to all other industries in Korea, especially in the medical field, where Korea is one of the fastest adopters of robotics technology.


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Korea boasts some of the most state-of-the-art medical facilities in the world, for example Korea is ranked third for availability of high-end medical equipment in the OECD. That is better than the USA, Switzerland and Australia! This in combination with the government’s strict regulation of hospitals ensures medical facilities.

Plastic surgery capital
of the world

Type ‘Plastic surgery capital of the world’ into google and you won’t be shocked to find nearly every article pointing to Korea. Korea has the world’s highest plastic surgery per capita! Nearly a quarter of the Korean population has had some sort of procedure done, demonstrating the overall trust in the plastic surgery capability of Korea.


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While medical services in Korea remain top class, the prices are around 20% of that compared to other first world countries. Due to a strong infrastructure and healthy economy Korea is capable of providing world class medical care at extremely affordable prices.

and Safe

Due to Korea’s convenient geographical location it is a first choice for many medical tourists as it is less than a 10-hour direct flight from: the USA, Australia, Asia and some parts of Europe. Korea also offers a streamlined medical visa application which makes it possible for patients from around the world to come to Korea hassle free!

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