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UPDATE: South Korea has suspended visa free and visa waiver entrance from the following countries due to the COVID-19.

Countries on this list can enter visa free or by visa on arrival.

Individuals from countries not on the above list can request an invitation letter from Shin Medical which they can use to apply for a medical visa. Click here to fill out form and we will send you an invitation letter.

Please feel free to enquire whether you might need a visa.

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Cosmetic surgeries will require a deposit of around 10% (depending on the clinic, it could be more or less) that must be paid to the clinic before arriving, in order to confirm your procedure booking. If a deposit is not received, Shin Medical cannot guarantee your desired procedure date. The outstanding amount will be settled in Korea, on the day your procedure is booked for.

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For your deposit you can either make a bank transfer, or you can pay via credit card or PayPal.

Regarding full payment here are your available options to choose from:

Bank Transfers: All our affiliated clinics accept bank transfers. Be sure to send your international transfers ahead of time in case there is a delay, clinics will not go ahead with the procedure unless payment has been received in full.

Credit Card: Visa and Mastercard are accepted everywhere, AmEx and UnionPay are accepted at some clinics, but not all. It is very important that you inform your relevant bank in your home country that you will be using your card for large transactions, if not they might decline and in that case you will not be able to go ahead with the procedure on that day.

PayPal is also accepted.

You will be responsible for all banking fees associated with transfers and payments.

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Shin medical provides premium medical services and we do this by ensuring the quality of our affiliate clinics. Our process of selecting is very thorough and we base our decisions on the following criteria.

  • Legally operating licensed clinics
  • Clinics with the best reviews
  • Qualified and experienced doctors
  • Doctors with proven track records
  • Clinics with the best past results
  • Clinics with very high standard of care
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Yes we do. We specialize in all medical procedures. Try our free consultation service.

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Traveling alone can be scary and intimidating. Patients are more than welcome to have a friend, partner or family member come along. Our services include group travel.

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