Breast Augmentation (Mammoplasty)

Breast Augmentation in South Korea

When asked about body image women report a higher level of overall confidence when having beautiful breasts and because of this, breast modification surgery has become particularly popular over the last two decades. The popularity of breast surgery has created a surge in the number or plastic surgery clinics and agencies around the world. Some with genuinely experienced and knowledgeable doctors with valid certification and others, not as much.

Unskilled doctors have been the cause of many breast revision surgeries that cost money and cause unnecessary discomfort and pain. This is why getting it right the first time is critical to us at Shin Medical. We partner with plastic surgery doctors who are specifically trained and specialize in mammoplasty. Our recommended doctors will assess your requirements based on your individual body type and make an educated evaluation on the surgery that suits you best.


If you want to have fuller, larger breasts, our surgeons will recommend a breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation provides extremely satisfactory results that are more long term than the alternative option; breast augmentation via fat grafting. This is because relocated fat tissue will partially deteriorate and be reabsorbed by your body, resulting in a change in shape and form over time. Breast implants are done using only the best in implant technology from trusted brands such as Motiva® and Mentor®. Breast augmentation surgery changes the shape of your breasts to a more appealing form.

Patients with breasts that are too large in proportion to their body often complain of back or neck pain and have extreme difficulty finding comfortably fitting clothes. If this sounds like you, you are likely a good candidate for breast reduction surgery. Our surgeons will meticulously remove skin, fat, and tissue to lessen the burden of your cumbersome breasts.

Some patients are satisfied with the size of their breasts, but wish to change their breast elevation; in this case, breast reconstruction surgery might become your ideal choice. A breast lift can support breasts that have become saggy from aging and have a loss of elasticity, to look more perky and youthful. Doctors also perform areola surgery, which assists the nipples in looking more aesthetically pleasing.


Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is a cosmetic procedure that focuses on three main aspects; fullness, projection and proportion.

Breast augmentations can increase the fullness of your breasts, by changing the overall size of your breasts to more desirable dimensions. During your consultation, you and the doctor will decide together regarding the ideal size for your implants. This will be dependent on factors such as your height, weight, muscle tissue, and body shape.

Breast augmentations can alter the projection of breast tissue by changing their position (low, moderate, or high) and shape (round or teardrop).


Breast augmentations can also alter the proportions of the breast tissue by changing asymmetrical, or uneven breasts to give them a more balanced and symmetrical appearance.


Breast augmentations can be done by receiving implants or transferring fat by grafting.

Breast augmentation via implant:

  • Silicone Implants – Silicone implants are gel based, having less liquid content, and therefore are more likely to remain intact. Silicone implants are inserted in one of three ways; under the breasts, under the arms, or around the nipples. This will depend on the recommendations of your surgeon after they have evaluated your body type, desired result, type of implants, and how much enlargement you will like done. In the case of a rupture, the material is still very likely to remain intact.
  • Saline Implants – This method utilizes an outer shell that is made of silicon and then filled with sterilized salt water known as saline. The saline implants will be inserted, via an incision made in the breast, by one of two methods. The empty silicone shell will be inserted into the breasts, and then filled to the desired size with a saline solution or, the silicone shell is pre-filled and then inserted into the breasts. Once again, this will depend on the doctor’s pre-op evaluation, the patient’s body type, and desired outcome.

* The clinics we work with use only the best implant products on the market, in order to guarantee the safety and satisfaction of our patients. For more information feel free to look into Mentor® and Motiva® implants.

Silicone vs Saline implant options
Silicone Saline
Looks and feels more like natural breast tissue If implant leaks, saline is sterile, and not dangerous
Less likely to wrinkle Doctor can easily find leaks, plug, and refill them
Recovery time is fairly minimal Size of implants can be increased without surgery
Implants are durable, and long lasting

Incision methods:

  • Armpit Incision – Using this method, the surgeon will make a 3-4cm incision near the armpit and insert the implants. Scarring with this method is nearly invisible, as the scar line follows along the wrinkle of the armpit. Armpit incision surgery is also more suitable for patients who are considering pregnancy in the future, as it will not affect the lobule alveolar system and thus, will not cause any breastfeeding obstacles.
  • Underneath the Breast Incision – Using this method, the surgeon will make a 3-cm incision underneath the breasts in order to insert the implants. The targeted location is extremely accurate using this technique.
  • Areolar T-cut Incision – The surgeon will make a 1-2cm cut line around the areola(nipple) in order to insert the breasts implants.

Breast augmentation via fat transfer:

Fat graft breast augmentation uses liposuction to transfer fat tissue from other parts of the body and injects the fat tissue into the breasts. This method is used by women who are looking to increase their breast size by only a small amount, and would prefer a more natural finish.

This process may require multiple sessions, and there will be a limit on the breast size that can be obtained in this way. It is essential for patients receiving a fat graft breast augmentation to have an adequate supply of excess fat. It should be noted that in most cases not all of the fat that is injected will remain over time as some of the fat tissue will be reabsorbed by the body.


Breast Reduction

Some women have breasts that are out of proportion or excessively large, compared to their weight and height. Large breasts can cause a number of problems; such as back pain, neck pain, bad posture from an anterior shoulder rotation, and bra strap pain. Finding a bra or swimsuit top that fit correctly can be a concerning issue as well! Having excessively large breasts may also severely hamper enjoyment of physical activities.

Regardless of the patient’s motivation, the objective of breast reduction surgery is to achieve a desirable chest shape with minimal scarring. Various techniques are used, and our qualified surgeons will choose the ideal technique based on the patient’s existing breast anatomy, type, and amount of tissue to be removed for the most desirable outcome.

  • Vertical Technique - The surgeon will make an incision around the nipple and vertically down the nipple to the bottom of the breast. This is ideal for a moderate reduction in breast size an leaves some scarring on the breast where incision is made.
  • Inverted T Technique (wise, inferior pedical) - The surgeon will make an incision around the nipple, down the bottom of the breast, and then a vertical incision underneath the breast. Ideal for significant breast size reduction, the scarring is similar to that of the vertical incision technique, with one additional scar running along the crease underneath the breasts.
  • Liposuction Technique - This procedure is less invasive and is completed in a shorter amount of time with almost no scarring, which is most ideal for a slight reduction.

Depending on the level of care, most scars will fade within the first year, and will be completely concealed when wearing a bra or bikini.


Breast Lift

Mastopexy - Also known as a breast lift, this is a medical procedure to change the elevation of your breasts. Women get breast lifts for a variety of reasons: Examples include, stretching and sagging of the breast tissue from pregnancy or weight fluctuations, age, and the prolonged affects of gravity reducing natural elasticity of breast tissue over time.

A breast lift does not change the size of your breasts, but it can help restore the breast tissue to a more youthful and firm appearance, by reducing sagging and raising the overall position of nipples. Most patients also choose to have a breast augmentation or breast reduction done in combination with their breast lift.


Areola Surgery

Areolas are the pigmented area on the breast that surrounds the nipples. Just like breasts vary in size, color, and shape, so do areolas. If you are unsatisfied with your natural areolas, areola surgery can change the appearance to be more appealing.

This procedure is relatively simple, and can be performed on one or both areolas, and also goes well together with other surgeries; such as a breast lift, or a breast augmentation.


Before Surgery

Do Do Not
Stop taking all non-prescribed and unnecessary medication, such as: ibuprofen, aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication. Smoke or drink two weeks before your scheduled procedure
Keep taking normal prescribed medication Wear make-up, jewelry, or contacts
Disclose to clinic staff if you’re taking any medication, including: birth control, and hormone medication Wear tight-fitting, uncomfortable clothes
Disclose all medical and physical conditions (i.e. diabetes, heart-disease etc.) and medical history (including allergies) to the clinic and doctor Drive after a procedure under any circumstance
Diabetes patients: consult primary physician before undergoing any procedure
Wear comfortable, and loose clothes on the day of your procedure
Fast 5-8 hours before you procedure (depending on physicians instructions)

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