Body Contouring

Body contouring in South Korea

Body shaping, also known as body contouring, includes any procedure that involves altering the body shape by removing unwanted fat or skin. Procedures may include invasive procedures such as: liposuction (arms, legs, stomach, back, thighs etc.) abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), butt implants and new methods like 5D body sculpting. Body contouring also covers non-invasive procedures like: body sculpting (fat freezing).

Weight loss and beyond

Strenuous weight loss programs and heavy exercise routines are essential for staying healthy and in shape. But in many cases merely exercising and eating healthy might not be enough to get rid of stubborn fat and removing excess/saggy skin, especially when individuals have lost a large amount of weight. Body sculpting allows people an effortless opportunity to shed some body weight and also to target problem areas that just won’t get better.

Body contouring in South Korea has become so advanced that people from all walks of life choose to change the shape of their body. Body contouring is suited for obese individuals looking to lose a lot of weight and body builders trying to target a little bit of stubborn belly fat.


Liposuction is the medical process by which excess fat is removed from a problem area in the body. This target area can be one, or a combination of the following areas: chin, neck, arms, back, stomach, flanks, thighs and legs.

The fat is removed after a sterile solution of salt water and anesthetic is injected, this aids with fat removal and pain relief during the procedure. The suction procedure will then start. The surgeon starts by making small incisions in strategical areas, to minimize visibility of scarring, and inserts a cannula under the skin. The cannula is a small thin tube that acts as a vacuum to suck out the fat.


It is important to keep in mind that liposuction removes the fat cells under the skin and that the weight loss will be permanent if you maintain a balanced diet and, healthy lifestyle and make sure that you do not gain a large amount of weight.

Various methods of liposuction are available and the most suited one for each individual will be decided by the doctor after an assessment of your body and also after doing an in person consultation.


Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)


A tummy tuck is more concerned with the removal of excess skin than it is with fat reduction. A tummy tuck, also known as am abdominoplasty, is a medical procedure performed on the stomach by cutting away excess or loose skin. Most of the time tummy tucks are performed together with liposuctions because most liposuction procedures tend to remove a large amount of fat, leaving the skin saggy.

Tummy tucks are not just performed on patients who have had liposuction, is also a frequently had procedure for females with loose skin after pregnancy. People that have large fluctuations in weight due to some external factors also often choose to get a tummy tuck to help restore their flat abdomen.

With advanced suturing techniques that lower the level of tension on the skin, your abdominal scarring will be lighter than normal excisions, meaning the scar is barely visible.


5D body sculpting


During the design of conventional liposuction most doctors will do it in a two dimensional way. 5D liposuction is a process that uses 3D body design with 2D drawing in order to give the most advanced liposuction results. 5D body sculpting does not just remove fat from the body but it also shapes the body in a way that promotes muscle definition. 5D sculpting can produce instantaneous muscle definition within the first day.

During 5D sculpting the doctor makes an ultra small incision in an area of the body that is not visible. 5D is performed by only one doctor globally and therefore is more expensive than normal liposuction. For individuals who can afford 5D sculpting they can expect amazing results.


Butt Augmentation


Buttock augmentation can be done either via fat grafting or via actual butt implants. With the fat grafting method fat will be removed from another area on the body and transferred to the rear area to give you a naturally bigger looking backside. The fat grafting method is more temporary as the fat will start to dissolve gradually over the period of a year.

For more permanent results you can also opt for a butt implant. Butt implants can change and increase the shape of the buttocks and also tighten the skin around the area.


Before Surgery

Do Do Not
Stop taking all non-prescribed and unnecessary medication, such as: ibuprofen, aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication. Smoke or drink two weeks before your scheduled procedure
Keep taking normal prescribed medication Wear make-up, jewelry, or contacts
Disclose to clinic staff if you’re taking any medication, including: birth control, and hormone medication Wear tight-fitting, uncomfortable clothes
Disclose all medical and physical conditions (i.e. diabetes, heart-disease etc.) and medical history (including allergies) to the clinic and doctor Drive after a procedure under any circumstance
Diabetes patients: consult primary physician before undergoing any procedure
Wear comfortable, and loose clothes on the day of your procedure
Fast 5-8 hours before you procedure (depending on physicians instructions)

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