Braces vs Veneers

Dental services in Korea is famous as one of the safest and relatively affordable option compared to other countries. This is mainly because the country has a lot of specialists that specialize in dentition especially in Gangnam, Seoul area. Therefore many travelers and other people come into Korea just to get braces, Invisaligns and Veneers. In general they work in a similar way which is by putting pressure on the teeth to change the alignment. Overtime with slight altercation from the dentist, you end up having perfect aligned teeth. This article is about introduction on braces vs veneers in Korea for beautiful straight teeth.

Braces vs Veneers

Traditional Braces

There are two main types under traditional braces and they are structural braces and cosmetic braces. Structural braces are mostly an option for children, they could be removable or fixed based on the case. The material is stainless steel. Cosmetic braces are mainly for adults. The material is ceramic, or alternatively, transparent plastics is possible depending on the situation. Just like structural braces, they can either fixed or removable type. They are placed at the inner surface of the teeth. So they are usually not visible. Typically braces take 1-3 years depending on the circumstances. However, Korea have deviated from these traditional methods and moved to more advanced and newer methods which I’ll talk about in the next paragraphs.

New Generation Braces Invisalign

When we compare braces vs veneers, there are some products like Invisalign today. Invisalign is considered as faster aligner product than traditional braces. From simple adjustment to complex drastic shifts, they say you can do faster straighten with similar cost. Typically you would opt for this procedure if you have crowded teeth, overbite, underbite, crossbite, gap teeth or open bite. The way this works is the doctor will use a 3D scanner to scan your teeth and print a custom aligner which you’ll wear on your teeth. Except for the time you drink other than water, eat, brush your teeth, you might have to continue to wear the aligners for 20-22 hours a day. You can wear them back after cleaning the aligner and brushing the teeth, this is actually the biggest advantage you can take them on and off.


Veneers cover damaged area with custom designed shells most similar to natural teeth. The material usually is very similar to our teeth themselves regarding both color and texture. Veneers will not only improve the alignment immediately, but also protect the original teeth. Porcelain veneers resist to stains and mimic the properties of natural teeth. They are to fix discolored, chipped, gapped, or worn down teeth. This is a fastest way to fix the alignment for beautiful smile, even as one-day treatment.

Depending on the shaving amount of original teeth, there are several different ways to do veneers. And customized veneers will be ready for you, including color, teeth line, gum line, basically everything as you want. However, your gum and teeth should be healthy prior to getting veneers. So patients usually do all treatments needed before they put the veneers on.

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