Shin Medical is a premium medical tourism agency in South Korea. We guarantee gold-standard care by connecting you to the best doctors in the country. We guarantee the best medical services in South Korea, including before and after your procedures.

Our Mission

Shin Medical’s mission is to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our customers and the quality of the service we provide. We arrange airport transportation, inner-city transportation, in-depth consultation, translation services, tour packages, spa days, and so much more!

Our Vision

At Shin Medical, our vision is worldwide access to the best medical practitioners in the world. We see a future where patients can receive reliable service while traveling to South Korea for their medical needs.

EST. 2019

Our Story

In 2019, Justin and Damian were each exploring the medical industry in South Korea. Damian had personally received medical treatment and was so happy with the results, he wanted to bring the same quality of care and outcomes he experienced to his friends and family in the United States. Justin was also impressed with the level of care provided by South Korean doctors and wanted to help introduce patients from around the world to South Korean medical expertise.

The two met through mutual friends and realized they share a similar goal of building a better experience for international patients in South Korea. It was then they decided to start Shin Medical.

Since 2019, Shin Medical has helped hundreds of patients navigate medical treatment in South Korea and they look forward to helping more!


South Korean Government Licensed and Insured

We maintain active licensing and insurance with the South Korean government, to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

KHIDI oversees all foreign patient services in Korea.

SGI provides us with medical tourism insurance for all of our patients.

The Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare issues rules and handles all medical services.


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